Hi. I’m Tamara, currently studying art administration in Sydney. arpeggia is a non-commercial collection of arts solely for my personal enjoyment and educational purposes. I’m an editor for Tumblr featured #art.

"Are you an artist?" I get this question a lot. No. I’m not an artist.

The materials posted on this blog, including textual works, images, sound and video recordings, have been credited to the creator and/or the original source (see the caption on each post). None of the posts is mine unless stated otherwise. If you are the artist, author and/or copyright owner of anything posted on this blog and would like to have your work removed, please send me a message (email me the link to the post) and I’d immediately remove it.

This blog has been featured on: Life Scoop “Top 8 Sites That Showcase The Best Surreal Art”, BOOOOOOOM “Ultimate List of all the Best Art + Photo Tumblrs to Follow”

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