Tom Kondrat - Typhoon Blues

Artist’s statement:

"Since I moved to Taiwan a year ago I found typhoons very intriguing. I’ve never experienced them while living in Europe (obviously) and all the tv news and stories I heard made them ven more mysterious and at the same time exciting for me. So when the first typhoon in the season hit Taiwan this year, I decided to experience it with my camera. I got really drawn to the calm atmosphere just before the typhoon which is similar to the one before an ordinary storm, only more intense. There are crazy dogs running around like on drugs, stressed fishermen having last few moments to secure their boats and nets, random people observing the sea or taking few snapshots of the waves and the coast guards trying to move them away from the danger zones secured by the ‘crime scene – do not pass’ style tapes. The strong wind, heavy waves, the smell and the sound of the sea, and the constant feeling of danger make this time really special for me. And in the middle of all this, there is this ever present stillness – so hard to notice in everyday life." [Thisispaper Magazine]

Steve Back - Pink Lakes

Ansel Adams - Sand Fence, near Keeler, California, c. 1948 | More

Ansel Adams - Sand Fence, near Keeler, California, c. 1948 | More

Reuben Wu - Svalbard | on Tumblr

David Maisel  - The Lake Project, 2001-2002

"The ground is bleeding. A red river cuts a path through a bleached valley, winding toward a lake that is no longer there. Seen from the air, the river and its dry terminus appear otherworldly. In actuality, this terrain is located in Owens Valley, an arid stretch of land in southeastern California, between the Sierra Mountains and the White-Inyo Range. The history of this region is the stuff of California legend: a story of engineers, politicians, and big land owners working together to divert water to the rapidly growing desert city of Los Angeles, generating a thriving agricultural industry and an environmental disaster in the process." [Diana Gaston]

Andreas Gursky - Bahrain, 2005

Andreas Gursky - Bahrain, 2005

Brett Weston - Dune, Oceano, 1934

Brett Weston - Dune, Oceano, 1934

Josef Hoeflehner - Japan, 2007-2012 | More posts

Tatiana Plakhova and Leandro Sanchez - Another California

"Photographer Leandro Sanchez captures unique visuals of flooded beaches in Southern California and deep desert that only a few human beings will ever see, to them unite forces with Tatiana Plakhova and her extraordinary delicate designs."

Michael Kenna - Forest Edge, Hokuto, Hokkaido, Japan, 2004 (top); French Canal, TYBW, Loire et Cher, France, 1993 (bottom)

Photography by Lynn Geesaman

Caroline Reichert - Sunset, 2011, collage on negative film, 107.5 cm x 85 cm

Mary Mattingly - First Light / Last Light, 2001-present

These photographs are taken during the first and the last light of the day, on the Winter Solstice.

Bernhard Edmaier - Desert | More posts

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Photography by Julian Bialowas